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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Virtual Hitch Hiker

This is a membership package that will allow you to virtually join Scott on the road, get great discounts, access to wonderful ebooks & other resources, and be able to attend in person & virtual classes Scott offers, and much more.

I know you can afford $2.50 a month, that is less than a single cup of coffee.

If you join now you will receive a FREE copy of "Scouting Recipes" e-book which has 62 pages of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert recipes.

Membership Includes:
  1. Route 66 sign Kingman AZ
    Save money with discounts (click here to view them) only available to our members.

  2. Save 15% at when you rent our camping and backpacking gear online. Did you know renting is often cheaper then buying gear you might use once or later find out you didn't like?

  3. Save 20% when you sign up for the Happy Camper Club save 50% when you can stay at over 1,200 quality parks.

  4. Over 1,400 Camp Recipes

  5. Cooking Videos over time I will record videos on different recipes and styles of camp cooking to include camp stove, campfire, dutch oven, and no utensils.

  6. Learn and discover with members only videos to include:
    1. video classes
    2. gear reviews
    3. camping how to's
    4. interviews
    5. location tours
    6. scenery "meditation" videos
    7. and much more

  7. Learn and discover by attending classes (click here to see them). I will also offer these classes, to small groups of members Scouts for free.

  8. Ebooks - ebooks on dutch oven cooking, nature, plants, woodcraft, brids, and more.

  9. Download over 30,000 Scouting Resources files including ebooks, clip art, blueprints, historical photos, jamboree photos, digital patch collection, audio and video of Baden Powell, fonts, ceremonies, leader handouts, and Woodbadge stuff.
    Scott at Snow Canyon UT

  10. Members only email virtual campfire where you can hang out with other outdoor explorers for fun or to ask for advice and guidance.

  11. Receive our monthly Virtual Hitch Hiker newsletter

  12. Participate in members only contests.

  13. No Contract and no recurring fees.

  14. Just over 6.5% will go towards Scout Scholarships through InsaneScouter and awarded based on need to Scouts, Leaders and Units. This amount will go up as more members join.

I know you can afford $2.50 a month, that is less than a single cup of coffee.

You can win a Lodge Dutch Oven and $250 dollars just by refering people to this package. Click here for more detail


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